Friday, June 7, 2019

Global Citizenship Post #2

While in Ireland, everywhere we have gone there has been a recycle bin and a regular trash bin. In some food places there has even been compost bins. This is a huge example of "Think globally, act locally" because people are looking at the worlds problems and acting on them in their hometown. I believe places in the United States should start to do this and start looking at some of our big global issues and how to work on them as a country.

Global Citizenship Post #1

Global competence is the knowledge, attitude, skills, and behaviors necessary to thrive in todays world. I believe that everyone should have global competence so that you are better educated on other peoples cultures and their environment. Someone that has this knowledge and behavior is also able to teach others so that it can become more of a thing for everyone. Have global competence will also make you more comfortable traveling to new places.

Expanding Worldview Post #2

Before coming on this trip many people told me or warned me about the Anti-American sentiment. I was actually pretty nervous about coming to Ireland and people being mean or not as accepting because I am American. I did have a few people randomly ask me if I was American, I'm guessing we have a certain look or something. Other than that people have been so nice and accepting to our group. People have been willing to help us find places to eat and tell us their favorite places to shop. I am so glad it was not like what I was warned about before arriving.

Expanding Worldview's Post #1

It has been so awesome to learn and experience others ways of living. One thing that has really been different is that everywhere we have been people walk everywhere. This is different for me because at home no one really walks places. There are roads and parking lots for everything back in Georgia. One reason the people in Ireland walk everywhere is because their roads are only two lanes and the population here is too high for everyone to be driving around. In the pictures I provided you can see that people are walking around and in the bottom picture you can see what the roads around the towns look like.

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Field Trip #4

On Wednesday, June 5th we walked from our hotel to the Heineken Ireland Headquarters. While we were there we went on a tour of the brewery and also received free beer. I did not know before going there but they have two different kinds of ciders and I really enjoyed both of them.

Field Trip #3

Tuesday, June 4th we traveled to the Cliffs of Moher. We walked around and took pictures and I was actually able to FaceTime my family at the top and show them the view. It was raining so the ground was very slippery, especially close to the edge. 

Field Trip #2

On Saturday, June 1st we visited Trinity College at Dublin. It was founded in 1592 by Queen Elizabeth I. While we were there we walked around with a tour guide and he showed us all of the original buildings and we also got to walk through the famous library. The library holds the Book of Kells and the oldest harp in Ireland.

Global Citizenship Post #2

While in Ireland, everywhere we have gone there has been a recycle bin and a regular trash bin. In some food places there has even been comp...